Sunday, February 1, 2009

January update

January cruised by wihtout me even realizing it. Scott and I have been very busy, busy, busy--trying to be responsible yet still have fun... and such. For me student teaching has brought many surprises and learning experiences. I defy death every morning by driving on trecherous roads every morning for about an hour. I have also realized Fith does things a little bit different out there. I love my cooperating teacher and the students, they are just a little ca-razy. We had a dog in our classroom for a while, and I had to come up with a whole behavior modification system. And through all this what have I learned? Well, I've come to wish I was Mary Poppins.

Scott is very busy with school. He goes to school in the day, sometimes works, and then does homework all night. And he lost his wallet, so if anyone finds a missing black wallet.... Through it all we try to find time for friends and fun, but most nights I'm so worn out nothing sounds better than wearing my jammies and cuddling up and watching a movie. Pathetic. Scott's brother came up for a weekend and it was good to see him. The next weekend 4 of my bestest friends came up to visit, partay! (maybe pics to come) Anywho, we really are doing awesome and hope everyone had an awesome January and built lots of snowmans (not snowmen).

As far as picture? Hmmm, the only one I have is a little silly, but if you know me you won't be surprised:).

Rollerskatin. How could you do it normally?