Friday, June 19, 2009


Going ons:

-I got a job!! I get to be a title one KINDERGARTEN TEACHER!! I couldn't be more EXCITED! and nervous, but I can't wait. I don't know the little details yet, but here I go!

-Scott is putting in long days doing his military fitness class, internship, and working at his new job at Melaluca business development speaking Chinese.

-Scott also turned 26! And we had a birthday BBQ. Now he has an awesome mountain bike and is always looking for a quick break where he can go.

-Our 3 year aniversary! 3 years have cruised by with my wonderful man! We enjoyed a nice late night drive to Boise. Yipee...not. But the next day we went to PF Changs {my favorite!} and put all our money toward plane tickets to Hawaii in Aug. with my family. Can you say Aloha!!

-We are almost forsurely moving to Idaho Falls at the begining of Sept. unless we can get out of our contract sooner.

-Scott's baby sister Megan got married to wonderful Joseph and we went to Washington to celebrate with family {congrats!}

-I don't have a summer job, so while Scott is overly busy I am underly busy. Anybody need an employee for 5 weeks? Anybody want to play?

-My sis. Kiera is about to have her baby, wahoo!! I got to go visit her for three days and play with Kyla, so cute. {not currently working does have its perks}

-Becasue I like posts with pictures, this is a random picture of a rainbow. It just won't warm up here, rain rain rain! We pulled over during a rainstorm because it was so cool, it went all the way across and if you look close you can tell it was a double rainbow. We were really hoping to find a pot of gold.