Tuesday, June 14, 2011

5 years!

We did it! Not that we ever thought we wouldn't...but we made it to 5 wonderful years! It's amazing how much your love can grow every day and in different ways.

For our anniversary we went down to Utah. We were able to go to a nice dinner and watch the Summerfest fireworks while my parents watched Annie. We also got to go to the parade, canyon, and play with cousins! Here's the best cousin shot we could get.

And we went to see this guy. He just got back from Hawaii and let me do his hair. I always wanted a little sister :)

Cotton candy for Annie!

Annie and Kalia enjoying the parade. But mostly the cotton candy.

And we sold our trusty little civic. It was a sad day. I didn't know you could be attached to a car. My parents gave us the car when we were engaged. We went through a lot in it. Our first car, drove clear across the country, brought home Annie in it... so many memories. It was a blessing we sold it so fast and now have our new bigger car to enjoy (rav4) so hopefully it likes its new family!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

10 Months!

I can't believe Annie is 10 months!! Ok, I say that every time, but it really does go by too fast. She had no desire to smile or hold still for pictures. She's still not crawling, but fully mobile. She scoots on her bottom in a sitting up position (see facebook for video) or steamrolls. She loves her toys and to tip anything over. She is quite the adventure and Scott and I can't get over how much we love it.

Grant and Annie after a Sunday stroll.

Our billy goat.

Annie and Papa!

I forget Annie can move sometimes. I found her in the shoe closet the other day (yes, the bottom of our pantry is our shoe closet).

First motorcyle ride. But really it was a razor. Scott's already trying to train her.