Thursday, November 19, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

My favorite part of Thanksgiving? The Pumpkin Pie!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

AAARRR! That be Captain Brown Baird

Life is good and I am a bad blogger. Things are good but busy for us now. Between our frequent (and fun) trips to Utah and all we have going on, sorry if we are not the greatest friends. We are in Idaho Falls, both working plus Scott is going to school at night for his MBA. We live in a Duplex in a neighborhood in Idaho Falls and love it, it is my favorite place we have lived so far (move #9). I might take pictures one day. Our back-up camera, an old one we have been using since our new one broke in Hawaii, decided to break on Halloween when I was taking pics. of my class, so we have no camera and therefore no recent pictures. It seems like this fall love is in the air and we were able to go some awesome weddings. Congrats Kym & Adam, Jake & Kelsey, and Matt & Veronica. Kym, Scott's big sister, was married in Rexburg and all the family came into town. It was a beautiful wedding and perfect fall reception and so fun to have all the family in town without having to travel. We love you!

Here is Jakey. He left on his mission Oct. 28 and will be missed. It was hard to say goodbye but we are all so proud of him. We have set up a blog for him if you want to follow:

My school has a literacy night where the parents and k and 1st graders come in and get a free book. It was pirate themed and their guest pirate backed out so I volunteered Scott for the job :). We rented a pirate costume from BYU-Idaho and he was pretty awesome, there were TONS of people and he managed to get everyone's attention. He was Captain Brown Baird, and by the end of the story his gotee started falling off. The next day all my kids were in awe that I was married to a real pirate, but some felt the need to tell me that they figured out his costume was fake. For Halloween we both had to dress up for work, Scott was a pirate again, just a dead version, and I was witch. I was going to be creative but everything I thought of a 5 year old would not have really got.

My job is a lot of work but a lot of fun. I do title one so my program is supplemental to what their normal kindergarten class is. I have two classes, one with 16 students and the next with 18. My afternoon class is a lot more challenging so when I get home I feel wiped out everyday. Those kids keep me on my toes but you learn to love them right off. Here are some things you might find me saying throughout the day:
Please act like a human
No, your last name is not Hannah Montana
Do NOT eat the glue....
Thank you for the hugs

They are a fun bunch.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Summer Snapshots!

Summer came and went.

Goodbye summer. Here our some of our favorite memories:

Lake Powell and Fourth of July. My mom and Bryce's B-day


Camping and mountain biking up Kelly Canyon

To end it all, Cub River

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Friday, June 19, 2009


Going ons:

-I got a job!! I get to be a title one KINDERGARTEN TEACHER!! I couldn't be more EXCITED! and nervous, but I can't wait. I don't know the little details yet, but here I go!

-Scott is putting in long days doing his military fitness class, internship, and working at his new job at Melaluca business development speaking Chinese.

-Scott also turned 26! And we had a birthday BBQ. Now he has an awesome mountain bike and is always looking for a quick break where he can go.

-Our 3 year aniversary! 3 years have cruised by with my wonderful man! We enjoyed a nice late night drive to Boise. Yipee...not. But the next day we went to PF Changs {my favorite!} and put all our money toward plane tickets to Hawaii in Aug. with my family. Can you say Aloha!!

-We are almost forsurely moving to Idaho Falls at the begining of Sept. unless we can get out of our contract sooner.

-Scott's baby sister Megan got married to wonderful Joseph and we went to Washington to celebrate with family {congrats!}

-I don't have a summer job, so while Scott is overly busy I am underly busy. Anybody need an employee for 5 weeks? Anybody want to play?

-My sis. Kiera is about to have her baby, wahoo!! I got to go visit her for three days and play with Kyla, so cute. {not currently working does have its perks}

-Becasue I like posts with pictures, this is a random picture of a rainbow. It just won't warm up here, rain rain rain! We pulled over during a rainstorm because it was so cool, it went all the way across and if you look close you can tell it was a double rainbow. We were really hoping to find a pot of gold.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

We're done!!

We graduated April 10th!!! Me: Elementary Ed. Scott: Business Manangement, Minor Chinese.
It was a wonderful day with family. We went to Fridays to celebrate after the graduation and had a great time! Now that we are done Scott is doing an internship with Madison Memorial Hospital in Rexburg and still working at his old job. I am hoping to teach in the fall.

It was nice to graduate together. There were 70 married couples that graduated together. Neil A. Anderson spoke at commencement and our convocation which was pretty neat.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


So Scott and I both and details to come later.

And then I went to DISNEYLAND!! Scott has been on tour this week and will still be next week in Southern California (sound tech). He bought me a ticket so I could meet him in Disneyland. It was a BLAST! I flew in Saturday and hung out with Scott's awesome sis Jeni, and we had the best day ever. We went to the beach, I got sunburned, pedicures, and Hollywood. No pictures, every attempt we made was not meant to be. Sunday we went and got Scott, and Monday was D-land! It was excellent because there were no lines to 5 min. lines. Perfect day.

We did start out with a bit of a fiasco. Scott got 85spf sunscreen in his eyes which caused them to swell and turn red and he couldn't see. After my man attmepts to get it out, we ended up in the ememrgency first aid room first thing in CA Adventures where he got his eyes flushed. Poor guy.

I have always wanted to eat in the Pirates of the Carribean ride. And we did!! It was delicious!

It was magical.

We got some sweet shades.

Oh yeah. Thanks Jeni for a great weekend and showing us the ropes!

Now I am home again waiting for my hubby to return. It's good to be around family and just relax. Lovin it.

Monday, March 30, 2009


Just a random little bit of information- Scott is going to be singing in the Priesthood session of General Conference. So for all you males out there that are planning on going, keep your eyes peeled.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Guitars Unplugged- better video!

Ok, here is another Guitars Unplugged video--I liked this one much better!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Guitars Unplugged!

Scott, Megan, and Jospeh all rocked Saturday performing in the Best of Guitars Unplugged! They were the best!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Party time!

I turned 22 years young! It was a wonderful day! I left school sick the day before, so I didn't go to school on my birthday. I slept for 14 hours, woke up, watched a movie (the BFG), then took a three hour nap. After that Scott came home and took me out to dinner. He said he didn't really do anything because my present was coming the next day, so he rented Titantic and we were just going to watch a movie. I was kinda bummed but I got over it. When we got home Megan & Joseph (who are now engaged!! Congrats to them!!!) and Bren & Chantal were there and we had a little surprise party. It was just perfect. I had two beautiful boquets of flowers come in the mail from my fam and Scott's parents. It was sweet becasue spring is refusing to come to Rexburg. (Sorry for all the pics of just me...I guess I should have a kid soon and my blog might be more exciting). Pictures Below:
1. Our house trashed the next day.
2. The party animals
3&4. My beautiful flowers!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Bear Cub

Driving an hour to Firth and back everyday gives me a lot of time to listen to the radio. On the way home one day I heard an advertisment for Bear World, they had ten 2-month old black bear baby cubs. And it was free to go see them! We went to Bear World on my day off (thanks to a small school discrict that gets a day off school when the basketball team goes to state) and got to hold the cutest bear cub ever! It was a little weird at first once we realized we were the only ones there without little kids, but we had a great time. Sorry about the bright light on the pic., my scanner wouldn't work so I took a picture of our picture.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

January update

January cruised by wihtout me even realizing it. Scott and I have been very busy, busy, busy--trying to be responsible yet still have fun... and such. For me student teaching has brought many surprises and learning experiences. I defy death every morning by driving on trecherous roads every morning for about an hour. I have also realized Fith does things a little bit different out there. I love my cooperating teacher and the students, they are just a little ca-razy. We had a dog in our classroom for a while, and I had to come up with a whole behavior modification system. And through all this what have I learned? Well, I've come to wish I was Mary Poppins.

Scott is very busy with school. He goes to school in the day, sometimes works, and then does homework all night. And he lost his wallet, so if anyone finds a missing black wallet.... Through it all we try to find time for friends and fun, but most nights I'm so worn out nothing sounds better than wearing my jammies and cuddling up and watching a movie. Pathetic. Scott's brother came up for a weekend and it was good to see him. The next weekend 4 of my bestest friends came up to visit, partay! (maybe pics to come) Anywho, we really are doing awesome and hope everyone had an awesome January and built lots of snowmans (not snowmen).

As far as picture? Hmmm, the only one I have is a little silly, but if you know me you won't be surprised:).

Rollerskatin. How could you do it normally?

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hurray for 2009

New Year's Eve has always been one of my favorite holidays. Not because I make resolutions that I never stick to or write the wrong year for about a month, but because of my family's traditional party! My brothers build a snowman and we burn it to death and light all of our sweet fireworks off of it. Family and friends show up and we eat all the neighborhood Christmas treats, play games, and bang pots and pans for about 20 minutes.