Friday, November 11, 2011

He's Back!!

Jake came home from Chili!! After 2 years it was great to have our entire family toghether again. It's just not the same with anyone missing. I love that no one lives too far away (we are the farthest in IF) and we get to see eachother often! All the boys.

Precious. The only neice Jake had when he left.

Patiently waiting.

The kids playing at Olive Garden after. Jake's request of first food. (Annie is naked due to a horrible accident that even filled the highchair. So fun.).

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Yes this happened Aug.6th....

But I finally got around to getting my pictures back! Annie's b-day was Sat., Aug 6th, the day after we got home from Bear Lake. What a crazy time. The next day I got stomache flu AND drove to Washington. And right after her park party with perfect weather there was a huge storm. So perfect timing.

I just realized I did all my pics in backwards order. So you can start from the bottom and read up, or not.

At the end all Annie really wanted was to roll the pop cans around.

She LOVED all her presents.

Our birthday queen. We thought there was no way she would her cake (she just throws food) so I didn't bother to make her anything specail. She ended up eating three mini cupcakes. So proud :).

Annie had a concerned look on her face most the party. But I think she had fun.

Cupcake and polkadot theme. Annie (and Scott and I too) loved all the family that came! We are so lucky!

The night before having the traditional bday dinner at Garcias with the Sonbrero. Too bad she couldn't eat her ice cream and mom had to help her. haha.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Halloween Night

A puppy, ballerina, rag doll, and monster. I'm sure we scared our neighbors.

Halloween afternoon. Ava and Lisa came from Pheonix for a fun Halloween surprise!