Monday, May 26, 2008

Scott The Entertainer

For Memorial Day we went to a beautiful park and had a BBQ. It was tons of fun and we didn't even want to leave when it got dark...except for all the mosquitos and ticks (ticks are really bad out here, a lot of old people die from Lime's diesease, and a young lady in our ward with 3 kids under 8 just got Lime's disease and Rocky mountain fever from one tick and is very sick). After our bellies were full some guys pulled out the guitars and Scott got to jam for forever. It was so fun hearing him play...he misses his guitar out here I think more than anything else.

It started out as a few people...

and then turned to many!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Tip of the Island

We decided to drive to the furthest tip of long island to see the first lighthouse built in NY state. It was commissioned by George Washington himself and is called the Montauk Point Lighthouse. We got to go inside of it and climb to the top. The house you see in front of the lighthouse was built for the lighthouse keepers and is now the home of the museum for the of the lighthouse. Way freakin cool. These pics are from the hike up inside. (notice Scott's hot lighthouse sweatshirt! It was so freezing we bought the cheapest one at the gift shop...I'll doubt you'll see him wearing it again =) )

Friday, May 9, 2008

Good Times

Happy Birthday to Scott! The day before Scott's Bday we had BBQ on Sunday at our house with lots of friends. It was his first birthday party. This is supposed to be Scott blowing out his candles...I (Kaylee) am not the best photographer. On his real Birthday I went and picked him up from work and got there after about an hour of being lost. We had an awesome night which included outback steakhouse...yumm. Thank goodness Scott got a GPS is all I have to say, the roads out here are awful!
I am famous! (sorta). All the wives of the working husbands got together and went to Good Morning America. I had to wake up at 3:15 am, bleh. It was worth it though. We made signs so we would get noticed and had a blast. One of the guys talking to us said we would be having a whole different experience if we were all single =). We got to see Prince Caspian and Susan (sorry, no pics.) and stand in the same spot for two whole hours.
Me and the two famous hosts that I forgot their names (even though I went to GMA I still have yet to watch it).
Ok, we're a little silly but we still like to think we are cool.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Story Time!

This is Scott...Ok, so this Tuesday, I was moved to a new area closer to the big city. Maybe you've heard of it, it's called Queens! I have to admit, I was pretty nervous for safety reasons. When I got out there I was not surprised. It was just as ghetto as I imagined, but none the less, it was very "moist" (as my coworker Kevin would call it) meaning good to knock in. I was definitely the only white boy for miles. I stuck out like Rob Zombie at an Enrique Inglesias concert. At about 6:30, I was noticing a big black guy following me from street to street. I tried to lose him but could not. I also noticed a black car following me as well. It would park while I knocked a door and then follow me down the street afterwards. Finally, it pulled up behind me and I grabbed my pen tightly, ready to stab the first person to try anything. They asked me what I was doing. I looked in the car and realized they were NYPD. They told me to hurry up and get in with them. I did so, knowing that the other guy that was following me was waiting for them to leave. We sped off. They asked me if I was stupid or something and if I had any idea where I was. I honestly did not know. They told me that the they were following me because they had seen that guy tailing me around the neighborhood. They then told me that there had already been two shootings in that same area that afternoon and there was a verdict out for white people to be shot because of a shooting the cops had a little while ago where the cops killed a black boy. They told me never to come back to that area. By that time I was pretty shaken up. They took me over to where my car group was and we left. I asked to be relocated the next day. Sorry this was so long. It is very juicy though, eh?

A story by Kaylee: So we were sitting in church, which is an interesting experience in itself because there is like a whole 30 of us or something total.   One of the bishopric members is giving a talk, and right in the middle when he's bearing his testimony and every eye is on him we hear a loud piercing ringing sound.  It was the fire alarm.  We all had to evacuate outside, brrrr.   Then came the fire engineS, the ambulance, and the policeman.   It took a while.  Come to find out it was just a faulty fire alarm in the kitchen.  Church is a whole new experience out here.