Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Summer Fun

                                                                   All the boys at waiting for the next hydroplane to race by. 
                                                           Happy Birthday to AMY!
                                                                Just waiting at the airport.
The Baird Family.
He's back!
                                                              Scott is tearing up the lake
The Baird Boat Club
                                                               Kenton, Scott, and Jake at the concert.                                                              Colbie Callet
                                                               John Mayer

What's a summer without vacations and family!? I recently flew up to Washington with my mom to spend  a week at my grandparent's house. While I was gone Scott took my little bros. to a John Mayer concert with Colbie Callet opening. Jelous. They had tons of fun and tried to lose their voices.  After my mom left I stayed with my grandparents and had a quiet weekend until Scott flew up for his family reunion (Scott's family lives in the same town as all my mom's family). The first day we picked up Scott's brother Stephen up from the airport. He was returning from his mission in Korea!  The next day we went boating at Fish Hook Lake, then the next we went to the Hydroplane races. After that we had lots of family gatherings and his sister Amy's 27th birthday. It was a crazy but awesome week.  And really good to see family!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Over the 4th of July weekend, Scott and I went with my fam, some cousins, and some neighbors to Lake Powell for a full week.  We camped (no houseboat) and had an amazing time! Me, Scott, and my little brothers took a trip on the waverunners to our old spot we used to camp, "Blue Lagoon".  Since the water is so low now, we had to hike way back in. In our secret spot when we were little, we found all our old carvings from when I was 13 years old. Ok, so back then I defaced Lake Powell, but it was worth it to come back! 
The peace sign I used to think was cool that my cousin Matt could draw.