Monday, June 23, 2008

The Journey Home

Well, we decided to leave NY and come home to Orem to finish out the summer.  We had an amazing time in NY and will miss good friends but we were ready to leave.  My family and us went to Palmyra and got to go to the Sacred Grove. From their they flew home (lucky ducks) and we made the long drive. We stopped in Kirtland and Nauvoo and got to see the sites and go to the temple. It was a long drive but fun for Scott and I to get to spend so much time together! And it was so good to see the Rocky Mts.!!!  The slideshow below is pics. of the drive home. 

Check out my Slide Show!


In Little Italy at a very tasty Italian Restraunt.
Our carriage ride through Central Park
Statue of Libirty! 
We were all so worn our that after dinner we took a break at the Hard Rock Cafe and vegged.
My little brothers are not so little anymore

New York

Our Two Year Anniversary! We went to Wicked to celebrate early, but on the actual day Scott took me out to breakfast, then we both had to work. After we went to dinner and a movie. We had such a great time! Two years flew by for us and we are excited for more to come. I love the quote, "Happiness is being married to your best friend."  I had people warn me that the first few years of marriage were really hard and a big adjustment, but we just love it! 
My mom, two younger bros, sister, and her darling baby came to visit for a week. We spent two days touring in NYC and having a blast. This is Scott and I kissing on top of the Empire State Building :). 
View from the Top!
Just chillin at the beach.
We rode around both days in a double decker bus. It was quite fun. 

Monday, June 9, 2008


To Celebrate our two year anniversary a little early, we went to Wicked!!  It was AMAZING and worth every penny.  After it was over we wanted to stay in our seats and watch the whole thing over again. I would recommend it to anyone!! When we went to Manhatten it was very hot with way too much humidity, I'd take 110 degrees in Orem over 80 degrees out here in any day. After we barely made it to the play (we went to the train station and realized we forgot our tickets), we walked around for a while and ate at Planet Hollywood.  It was a great day, and it all started off with Scott singing a duet in Sacrament meeting, which was awesome!

Here is Scott next to the giant piano they used in the movie BIG, if anyone remembers it. He was pretty excited to see it and be able to touch it. I was a little disappointed it didn't actually play music. Planet Hollywood had some pretty sweet stuff in it. 
Ok, so we weren't supposed to take pictures at the play, but we snuck one in before it started. It was pretty darn cool. 

As for me, Kaylee, I am loving New York. I love sightseeing and only working part time. When I do work, I nanny for two little girls, Claire (7) and Lauren (5), I feel like I am six years old again. I play Barbies and mermaids and High School Musical II. When I play barbies we do one of three things, get married, go to the old west, or a bar. The girls are pretty spoiled but have their sweet moments. They call me KK. I took the girls out riding bikes and ended up getting a tick in my head. I pretty much thought the world was going to end, but I'm over it now. And I don't have Lyme's disease, at least no signs of it... I hate ticks. But other then that I just hang out and go to the pool or work on my online class. Very relaxing and wonderful.  
The more Scott has to work, the more not so fond of the job he is getting. He is sick of being told no all day and the heat. I don't blame him. But we are having a great time and loving life and being married for almost two whole years!