Thursday, November 19, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

My favorite part of Thanksgiving? The Pumpkin Pie!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

AAARRR! That be Captain Brown Baird

Life is good and I am a bad blogger. Things are good but busy for us now. Between our frequent (and fun) trips to Utah and all we have going on, sorry if we are not the greatest friends. We are in Idaho Falls, both working plus Scott is going to school at night for his MBA. We live in a Duplex in a neighborhood in Idaho Falls and love it, it is my favorite place we have lived so far (move #9). I might take pictures one day. Our back-up camera, an old one we have been using since our new one broke in Hawaii, decided to break on Halloween when I was taking pics. of my class, so we have no camera and therefore no recent pictures. It seems like this fall love is in the air and we were able to go some awesome weddings. Congrats Kym & Adam, Jake & Kelsey, and Matt & Veronica. Kym, Scott's big sister, was married in Rexburg and all the family came into town. It was a beautiful wedding and perfect fall reception and so fun to have all the family in town without having to travel. We love you!

Here is Jakey. He left on his mission Oct. 28 and will be missed. It was hard to say goodbye but we are all so proud of him. We have set up a blog for him if you want to follow:

My school has a literacy night where the parents and k and 1st graders come in and get a free book. It was pirate themed and their guest pirate backed out so I volunteered Scott for the job :). We rented a pirate costume from BYU-Idaho and he was pretty awesome, there were TONS of people and he managed to get everyone's attention. He was Captain Brown Baird, and by the end of the story his gotee started falling off. The next day all my kids were in awe that I was married to a real pirate, but some felt the need to tell me that they figured out his costume was fake. For Halloween we both had to dress up for work, Scott was a pirate again, just a dead version, and I was witch. I was going to be creative but everything I thought of a 5 year old would not have really got.

My job is a lot of work but a lot of fun. I do title one so my program is supplemental to what their normal kindergarten class is. I have two classes, one with 16 students and the next with 18. My afternoon class is a lot more challenging so when I get home I feel wiped out everyday. Those kids keep me on my toes but you learn to love them right off. Here are some things you might find me saying throughout the day:
Please act like a human
No, your last name is not Hannah Montana
Do NOT eat the glue....
Thank you for the hugs

They are a fun bunch.