Friday, April 29, 2011

The Rest of Easter

Easter morning the Easter bunny came and Annie loved her basket (but more like I loved making it for her)! Then we headed over to my sister's house for the blessing, delicious brunch, and Easter egg hunt. We finished the day off with naps and a delicious dinner at my moms and then drove home.

Matching Dresses!

The three girls. Probably impossible to get a good shot of all of them at once.

My neighbor knitted her little sweater!

And thanks Great Grandma for the beautiful dress!

Claire's family!

We had to help Annie get the eggs. Once she found one she lost all interest in the rest.

Dyeing eggs. She didn't actually make one, but she did suck on one and her lips turned blue.

We hope you all had a wonderful Easter!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Part 1

Easter was spent in Utah with my family and for Claire's baby blessing! As always, what a fun trip. It seems we go down about once a month for something going on... but I'm not complaining. Friday night we were able to hang out with my best girlfriends which was a blast (Jessica and Kevin's graduation party and April's b-day). Just Dance, lots of good talking and Dennys after midnight is needed every once in a while :) (we took lots of pictures...with a camera that we can't get the pics from...ooops.).
Saturday we started the day with watching these two beautiful models in a Nordstrom's Fashion Show. They were adorable. And Bryce is turning into quite the litte hunk.

Wathcing her older cousins with her Grandma.

She actually likes to wear sunglasses.

Train ride around the mall. Annie looked out the window the whole time and loved it. I may have been slightly trainsick by the end.

Breastfeeding Awareness moment...haha. When one is hungry, they all are!

And the best part of the day, on the way to die eggs, my little brother called with his mission call! We rushed home to Skype, and Kenton is going to the San Pedro Sula, Honduras Mission!!! We couldn't be happier. He leaves Aug. 31st to the MTC. What a great missionary he will be. My cousin Conner got the EXACT same mission call the day before... same place, same time. So that is kinda cool.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

She's growing up..

...she can now wear a clip in her hair!! Good growing little one.


Still won't take a pacifier or bottle, but will take a blanket?

(Wal-Mart must have a secret stash of lost baby socks)

And of course Daddy's hat is much cooler than any old bow.

(one day Scott and I may appear on our blog again)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

8 Months!

This little darling turned 8 months yesterday! My how time flies. She has two new little teeth, attempts to crawl (puts her head and belly on the ground and kicks her legs), can't live withoug Kid Songs and books, sleeps wonderfully through the night, plays peek-a-boo, is learning to throw a fake fit, is ...starting ... to eat more solids, loves her toys, and has the cutest little laugh. We adore our Annie!

My little model only lasted so long.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Utah Weekend!!

Went down to Utah last Wednesday and stayed through the weekend. Scott was a busy man so we took Salt Lake Express down and had a blast. Lots of cousin time! There was a beautiful two days we got to be outside and woke up to tons of snow the next day. My grandparents were down and we did lost of shopping and hanging out.

Kyla and Annie played forever in the baby toy. It was all good until that tree in the left hand corner fell on Annie's head.

My dad wanted a picture of all the grandkids. Notice the new little one in the middle. Clairey is a sweetie pie and a darling baby!! Congratulations to Kiera! Another new little neice to love.

The four granddaughters. Annie, Kyla, Kalia, and Claire. Annie's fat pose cracks me up.

My mom knows how to make everyone happy! Her homemade wholewheat waffles can't be beat. The kids made little tables.

Annie doesn't get waffles. She gets spoons.

Chillin and watching KidSongs. Annie's most favorite thing in the world.

Shopping at JC Pennys for Eastar Dresses!!

This is what Bryce likes to do while shopping:

What a fun week, but it sure is nice to be at home with Scott!

(I'll post pictures of the 8 month! baby tomorrow)