Monday, December 12, 2011

For we need a little Christmas..

Here are our Christmas lights. In the pic. they don't look that great, but they are red and white (my favorite) with sparkling snowflakes. Scott did them very professionaly :)

At one of the light shows by our house. Annie is facinated by them.

Annie loves to sleep on her tummy and knees. She was sick and fell asleep on the floor. When I went to check on her she had scooted under the Christmas tree.

Sweet Annie watched me wrap all the presents and put them under the tree. I told her nono you can't touch them. About an hour later I watched Annie scoot to my diaper bag, take out the wipes and put them under the tree. When I tried to pick them up Annie told me nono. I guess I'm getting wipes for Christmas.

Our Chirstmas ornament. Perfect for this year because Annie scoots on her bum!

I can hardly wait for Christmas!

Friday, December 9, 2011


It was magical.
Annie was an angel and it was that much more perfect having her there ( I was a little worried about how she would do). As long as she held her button they gave her on all the rides she just sat still and soaked it all in.
The whole family was together.
There were hardly any lines and the longest ones were about 20 minutes max.
Between child swap, grandparents, and kid friendly Disneyland, we got to do everything we wanted. Poor Scott got sick towards the end but stayed pleasant :).
Now I want to go back!

It was Kyla's "birthday"

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Feasting and Swimming.

For Thanksgiving we drove the LONG trek down to California :). It was my grandma McRae's 80th birhtday and a great time for a reunion. Almost all the cousins were there and best of all, it was 80 degrees with a heated pool. My grandma just moved into a dream house and our ENTIRE family stayed at all the old house. A small family reunion inside a big one. I love these people.

At the old house there was just a tiny old TV with a VHS player, so at night we actually had to talk to each other (or watch home movies). Here is Jakey telling us mission stories.

Here is the last house we lived in in CA, where most of my memories are. Kenton was born while we lived here, so that's why the giant is in front.

Black Friday shopping at the Palm Desert mall. Annie HATED Santa Clause. I've tried several times since to show her happy pictures. Nope, still hates him.

The early birds in the family. Annie doing what she does best.

My grandma plays piano beautifully. Annie does not.

Annie's first haircut. One random morning we chopped off Annie's mullet (thanks Kiera). Much better. Her first haircut, tear. And yes, I am one of those moms who saved all of her hair in a bag.

Thanksgiving evening as we were all way too full and lounging around, Scott told me Annie had a surprise for me. I went in the kitchen and she was holding a Minnie Mouse pillow. Scott surprised me and took me to Disneyland!!! My whole family went.... but I'm bored so next post.