Tuesday, April 21, 2009


So Scott and I both graduated...pictures and details to come later.

And then I went to DISNEYLAND!! Scott has been on tour this week and will still be next week in Southern California (sound tech). He bought me a ticket so I could meet him in Disneyland. It was a BLAST! I flew in Saturday and hung out with Scott's awesome sis Jeni, and we had the best day ever. We went to the beach, I got sunburned, pedicures, and Hollywood. No pictures, every attempt we made was not meant to be. Sunday we went and got Scott, and Monday was D-land! It was excellent because there were no lines to 5 min. lines. Perfect day.

We did start out with a bit of a fiasco. Scott got 85spf sunscreen in his eyes which caused them to swell and turn red and he couldn't see. After my man attmepts to get it out, we ended up in the ememrgency first aid room first thing in CA Adventures where he got his eyes flushed. Poor guy.

I have always wanted to eat in the Pirates of the Carribean ride. And we did!! It was delicious!

It was magical.

We got some sweet shades.

Oh yeah. Thanks Jeni for a great weekend and showing us the ropes!

Now I am home again waiting for my hubby to return. It's good to be around family and just relax. Lovin it.