Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I can't believe it's almost gone. I feel like I'm going to be saying that the rest of my life sometimes. I'm actually ready for fall (just not the looong winter) and am counting down the days to decorate for Halloween! Here are some pics of a little of this and a little of that.

Annie deciding if she should throw a fit or ham it up for the camera.

She decided fit.

My sweetheart.

First slide attemt. She was neutral.

Tractor ride. I promise she had fun, I know her face says otherwise.

The Torrances came to visit! Annie loves having Jake and Abby around, we have missed those guys! I love Jake's hand on Annie's back.

Corn maze. Thankfully we took the kid route.

Real men carry babies.

A zoo outing with the Eastmans. Ezra and Annie, they look thrilled.

Very nervous and excited to pet the goats.

Annie and MiKayla in matching bows!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Love

Labor day is one of my favorite weekends because it's a day off work (or a day off work for Scott which is just as happy) and it means Cub River Camping!
Lots of pictures...all in backward order.
On Monday Scott went dirtbiking with his buddies and then took us to the fair! It's an interesting place but we had a blast with Annie. We played a dart game and won her a little pillow "chum" that she snuggled until she fell asleep at the end.

We took Annie on a train ride, the carousel, and this random spinny ride. I had never seen it going and asked the carnie running the ride if babies could go. He didn't speak English and let me on so I figured we were good to go. This ride was NOT meant for babies. It took you around fast while going up and down and spinning. I was pretty nervous the whole time.

Afterward we found the sign that said you needed to be 36" to ride with an adult strapped in (Annie was on my lap) or 42" to ride by yourself. I guess we learned our lesson. Annie is on her tippytoes in this picture.

Scott took all the pictures but had just as much fun as we did. At the end he even watched Annie while I did a big scarey ride. I love him :)

Friday we left for the cub river and came home Sunday night. It was Annie's first camping trip and she did great! Then nights were a freezing but she slept deep, the only time she struggled was in the morning when she wanted to be awake and play but it was too cold to be away from the fire.

My dad and his dirty pride and joys. He had all of them pretty tight, until Annie almost scooted in the river.

Annie's first fish!

My fav. pic of the weekend. Dirty and as happy as can be!

This girl loved the hammoc. She took all her naps in there and was the camp hammoc hog. Sorry.

Just lounging on Grandpa.

Stealing Kyla's camp chair.

The entertainers.

What we hiked along.

Terrible family picture... but it's the best we got.

Poor Scott, Annie is no lightweight.

On Friday was also our last day of Mommy and me swim lessons. Annie did great, learned how to kick and tolerates being dunked under water.

They even have the little babies go off the diving board.

My sweetheart.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Farewell Kenton

Scott and I are always wondering if Annie has said her first word. She says mama and dada but we kindof think she is just babbling. One thing is for sure: her first word is now KENTON. I wouldn't believe it until I heard it with my own ears. She looks right at him and says it clearly. Kenton is such a great uncle and takes good care of Annie, he even took her grocery shopping to give me a break once. We went down to UT for his farewell and are sure gonna miss this guy. What a bittersweet feeling when a missionary leaves.

Kenton's going to the San Pedro Sula, Honduras mission. He flies out the exact same day my other little brother, Jake, gets home from Chile.

Kenton and our cousin Conner leave at the exact same time for the exact same mission. We almost thought it was a mistake. Here they are enjoying some of their last few days.

We got to go boating with Kenton. It was a beautiful day but a little windy so we pulled out the good ol water weenie and had a blast.

Annie, Kalia, and Claire. It's so fun to watch them play together, although they all have a secret desire to poke each other's eyes out.

Annie's been doing a lot of traveling latley and has become quite attached to her soft blankie. But she's a champ and adjusts pretty well.

Goodbye little Kenty, see ya in 2 years!! sniff sniff...

If anyone wants to write him:

Elder Kenton Will McRae

MTC Mailbox #228

HON- SPS 1101

2005 N 900 E

Provo, UT 84604-1793