Monday, November 24, 2008

Student Teaching

After lots of hard work and problem after problem, I now have my student teaching placement! It's in Idaho Falls in a spectrum class (grades 1-3 in same classroom). I am glad I don't have to travel any farther than Idaho Falls...but I don't have a very high opinion of mulit-age classrooms. Hopefully this experience will change my mind and will go great. I'm doing my senior practicum in a fourth grade classroom and I've absolutely loved it so this will be a change. One of my new favorite quotes is from Elder Worthlin, "Come what may and love it." So here it comes.  

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cress Creek

Today we took a little Sunday stroll up at Cress Creek. It was fun because we went up there the second time we ever hung out...a long time ago. We watched the sun set and had a lovely evening, then went home frozen and starving.  

I guess the place is called cress creek because you can eat the cress that grows in the water, or something like that. I made Scott prove it to me. 

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Halloween Festivities

We hope you all had a scary Halloween! Scott and I went down to Utah and had a wonderful time! We tried going to a the Dreaded Grove, but the power went out so it was kinda lame. Halloween was a blast and just having a break from school and seeing family and friends was great. We got to go to Salt Lake and see my grandparents and go to the Old Spaghetti Factory...yum.

Our sweet pumpkin. I gutted it and Scott carved it. 
My Scary Parents, aren't they cute! My dad dresses up as Frankenstein every year and decorates our house all haunted. He scares kids and makes them run away, so fun!
The girls were all witches, Boo!

Now don't laugh too hard. I made Scott dress up when he didn't want to. I opened a tub of costumes and told him to pick what he wanted to be. He decided to be a Village Person (singer of the YMCA, Macho Man, etc).
Kiera, Seth, and baby Kyla. Too bad I couldn't get pictures of everyone. My little brothers were Master Cheif and Bob Shwartsky which was pretty cool.

Me and the Kyla. Just look at those cheeks. She had about five suckers, I've never seen a baby so hyper!

Our death kiss. 

No these are not our Halloween costumes. Long story...

Our new favorite country band is Lady Antebellum. We got to see them in concert for Idaho's meth project and it was so cool! We sat on the 7th row and got to meet them afterward...sortof.
Scott mixed the band for the Halloween concert. Don't ask me how he knows which button is which on the board. But he does and he was awesome.