Monday, November 29, 2010

A Week of Thanksgiving

We had two Thanksgivings and have much to be thankful for! But most of all I am grateful for this girl. My little cutie. And Scott. My big cutie.

I am grateful we got to spend the week in Boise at Mindy's house. I was worried about how Annie would do but she was great. It was so fun to be around so much family. And a huge thank you to Mindy for everything. She even watched Annie while we went to Harry Potter 7. It's going to feel lonly at my house this week! We had amazing food and amazing fun!
(picture 12/2009)
I am grateful that we made it there and back alive! Here is just a sample of what our roads were like almost the whole way!

I am grateful for a talented hubby who loves his little girl.

And that the hubby got some guy time. He deserves it after all the shopping and visiting I made him do.
Our first Thanksgiving Kym and Adam (THANKYOU!) invited us to Island Park to stay at a cabin, eat, and go snowmobiling. We had such a fun time and I am grateful again we are alive (we almost burned down the cabin and the roads were trecherous once again).
Dinner with the Eastmans! And it was delecious!

Grant and Annie. Aunt and Granny.

Now on to trying to lose weight after all that eating..yeah right.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Christmas Angel

Ok so I know Thanksgiving hasn't happened yet and these are Christmas pictures, but it is a winter wonderland outside and I am just in a Christmas mood (although I won't listen to Christmas music yet for Scott's sake). These pictures were taken because Kiera needed Christmas pictures for a calandar she was making, so we faked it.
Last Christmas I was pregnant and so sick. I didn't take any pictures, do Christmas cards, or anything exciting. I kept thinking about the next year and how much better it would be with a baby. And it is! I am so excited to have Annie here for Christmas!

She hated wearing the dress and bawled until I took it off and then gave me the biggest smiles, that is why she is nakey in most the pics.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

A name and a blessing

This post might be a month late... but Annie was blessed 10/10/10! It was a perfect day. We can't thank enough everyone that traveled and made her day so special (My fam from Utah, the Bairds from WA, and Lisa and Ava from AZ)! Scott did such a good job on the blessing, I was nervous for him but it was beautiful. She slept the whole time and the rest of the sacrament meeting. After we had a big fall luncheon at the house and just hung out. Such a good day and we are so grateful for all the support!
Little miss Annie. She wore my blessing dress (and Kieras) from when I was a baby.

Annie Kay
Why we chose her name: Scott and I had a hard time picking a name. I stressed a lot about it and Scott was sick of talking about it. We wanted something that wasn't on the top ten name lists but that wasn't made up. We were at one of our favorite restraunts (the Snakebite) and just saying random names and Scott suggested Annie. I have always loved the name Anne, it is my middle name. I wasn't sold becasue my favorite name at the time was Molly. We finally decided it was too hard to pick a name until we saw her. When she was born we pretty much had it narrowed down to three names. Annie just fit her, and it was the only name we liked with special meaning. We named her Annie and the next day decided on Kay for Scott's grandma Kay Baird who he never had a chance to meet. Her name is also my name backwards, Annie Kay...Kaylee Anne. We love our little Annie who already has a million nicknames. Here are just a few: Sweetheart, Sweetie, little darling, Boobaby, Boo, Missy, Anabanana, Annabell, Annie Pannie, Smiley Cyrus, Baby girl, etc...

The McRae grandkids before the blessing. Aren't they precious? (We'll have to take some good Baird grandkid pics over Thanksgiving..)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Halloween 2010

Annie's first Halloween! We went down to Utah because Halloween is pretty fun at my house, but the best part was little miss Anna Kalia McRae (my brother's baby) was born!! She is a little beauty! It is so crazy to see Annie next to a newborn. They grow so fast. I wonder how many times I will type that on my blog..

Anyway, everything seems so much more fun with a baby! She was pretty grumpy all day but that didn't keep us from taking her trixk-or-treating. I was always one of those annoying kids that trick-or-treated Yes it's true. So I was very excited to go out again even if Annie had no idea what was going on.

My house and my dad. Annie is still too little to be scared of Grandpa on Halloween.

For Scott's work they go all out and each department has a different theme. Scott's was toy story. He was big baby from the third movie and did a pretty good job. I think he looks the best in the second picture.

Scott and I didn't dress up this year, we don't really know why. But we did carve pumpkins and had a fun night! Kiera's family wins the best costume award, Dopey is my favorite! They were nice enough to let us carve pumpkins with them.

Happy (late) Halloween!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

3 months!

Baby Annie is three months old today and all smiles!

I laid her on her tummy for tummy time this morning, and she ROLLED! We made her do it three more times just to make sure it stuck. I can't believe this little girl can roll.
I love this pic because she looks extra fat. I love fat babies!

Here she is just happy to be on the bed