Thursday, August 30, 2012

Big Sister!

Baird Baby #2 due March 13! 
We are so excited!! Our little family of three will turn into four. It's a crazy thought but one we've been hoping for a while.
Annie is going to be the BIG sister, the oldest child. I think she's ready for some more entertainment and eventually a playmate. She's in denial that there's a "baby in mom's tummy", but I'm not too worried. She'll figure it out one way or another. We are excited to find out the gender in about a month and can't wait for our sweet baby to arrive in March! 
As far as pregnancy goes...well it goes. I was hoping to be less sick this time around, no such luck.  I just have to constantly remind myself that it will all be worth it. We are pretty pleased with our first result :) .

To get a picture of Annie I just have to follow her around while she goes through her emotions. 


Sierra said...

YAY!!! Congrats you guys!