Thursday, May 17, 2012

The family came to town

 Scott turned 29!! My old man :). For his bday weekend my parents, Jake and Kenton, and Kiera and her kids came up. The boys knocked out our sprinkler system in two days. I don't know how we got so lucky, I love my family!! While the boys were working Kiera and I went to Bear World's cub palooza. It had been raining earlier so it wasn't very crowded. The kids had a ball!! Scott was so happy to work on his birthday (really, he was) and we went to Sol Rio for dinner. The night before we went to Diamond Rio and BYUI. And although it SNOWED on his birthday, we had a lovely weekend. (his birthday pics are all on my phone, which will one day be downloaded...)

Just watchin' the bears. Annie has a good roar.

We got to pet the little guys!

Cute Bockholts! Annie's beanie kinda made it :)

Coolest petting zoo. This is as close as Annie would go.

Free unlimited rides with no lines?! Kyla was in heaven.

After a couple rides Annie was done and had fun watching from her stroller. 

Tractor rides from Grandpa!
Diamond Rio. I tested out my camera and then forgot to take more pictures. They were awesome.

"Is this how panties go mom?"
Our house always seems so empty after everyone leaves. But it was fun while it lasted :).


Bockholt said...

We had so much fun at your house. Kyla was just telling sam about bear world today.