Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I've figured out how to download pictures again...so I'm back. Hello blogging world! 
Annie is growing like a weed. Is officially not allergic to dairy anymore (is LOVING whole milk). Is a sweetheart with a silly personality. Is a genius (as I'm sure everyone parent thinks about their child). And wonderful. Also spoiled.
Here is our Easter in pictures:
We decided to brave a community Easter egg hunt. Meh. She got four eggs, two of which I gathered so she could pick up later. It might be more fun when she is older and knows how to hurry.

Meeting up with the Christensons for like a minute!
The Easter bunny came!
Whoa, I just figured out how to "add caption" under a picture. cool.

The ball was the highlight!

 Easter was great. We woke up, enjoyed Annie's basket (Scott and I decided our new Easter tradition is to get each other a pair of shoes...?) and were late to church. No fancy cute dressed up pictures. I think there is one on my phone where Annie is crying and missing a shoe and trying to pull off my dress. 
That afternoon the Bosters came over and we dyed eggs, went to the park for a few hours, ate a traditional Easter dinner, went on a walk and then crashed. It was perfect. 
Dyeing eggs in diapers. They had a ball and the weather was GORGEOUS !! Thank you for once, Idaho. 

Easter egg hunt at Iona Park. We put out just a few eggs for Annie and Grant,  but they loved it so much we kept sprinkling more.

Look at those bellies!! Mostly just Annies. hehe.

The "men" liked the swings more then the kids!


Lidia and Steve said...

Cute pics! Annie is getting so big! We really want to see you guys again soon!

Bockholt said...

I love annies tummy! (and she really is a genius) and I love the naky pics of the babies dying eggs